Tuesday, December 20, 2011


While moving day went off without any major hitches, we certainly have encountered some hurdles as we settle into our new home. This is the third move for our 9-1-1 communications center, so we knew to expect a few obstacles and challenges.

The months following our move have involved what we like to refer to as fine tuning of the numerous systems that make our 9-1-1 center function. Until we were fully moved into our new site we could not truly, effectively test all aspects of our 9-1-1 center. Many of our system vendors have been camped out at 1 Public Safety Drive, helping us to test and modify things so that we can reach our optimal operating standard. Audio settings are being dialed in so that the volume and quality of our phones and radio transmission from the 9-1-1 center are ideal. The testing and adjusting process is ongoing until we get it right.

We have navigated through several issues with paging. Multiple issues have already been corrected and we are actively working towards resolving the remaining issues. Our ability to page involves not only the Harris Corporation (radio system) but also Archonix (Computer Aided Dispatch-CAD). The software that links these two operations together allowing for automatic paging from the CAD screen is being adjusted currently as well. We have experienced instances of pager activation with no voice transmission and the software modification will help us to address this issue. It is important to note that any issues we are experiencing with paging involve only the conventional part of our Harris System. The OpenSky 800 MHz system is separate from this and we are pleased to say has not been adversely affected by the move.
As we continue to work through some of these issues we would like to encourage our field users to report any issues they may experience. We need your help in this transition process. If you experience an issue with voice quality or volume or an issue with paging, please contact the shift supervisor and be prepared to provide a detailed report (date, time, location, conditions, etc).

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