Friday, December 9, 2011

Emergency Button Training

As Fire begins training on the emergency button before full activation of the button in 2012, we be posting several training tips and reminders. Here is a reminder on clearing an emergency on your radio.

The last portable to declare an emergency is the one that needs to clear it. If they don’t know who the last one was then they will need to identify one portable or mobile, declare an emergency, then proceed with these steps…
1. They must be on the talk group that has the emergency raised. This will be indicated by an asterisk beside the talk group
a. Ex. TEST 1 * is what an active emergency on TEST 1 talk group would look like.
2. Press and hold side lower button (button that has a bump sticking out)
3. While keeping that button pressed in, press the emergency button until the emergency goes away.

Happy Training!

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