Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Touch II Coming Soon...

DPS is happy to announce "Touch II" in the rebanding process will begin in Janurary 2011! This phase will see the delivery of discrepancy items, the removal of old frequencies from the portables and software upgrades for portables and mobiles. A "Touch II" schedule will be release soon!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Site Outages- South Mountain & Pine Grove

On Monday November 15, 2010 at 0500 hrs there is an equipment upgrade and replacement that needs to occur at the South Mountain radio site. In order to perform this work the site must be taken “off line” which in turn will also take down the Pine Grove State Park site.

The outage is to last approximately 30 minutes. During this time we will be monitoring incidents in the 911 center and if something major comes up we will get the sites back up as soon as possible.

The areas affected will be the South Central part of the County. In and around Mt. Holly Springs and areas in and around Pine Grove State Park.

It will be especially important to use the VTAC if available for ALL in building communications. Some areas may experience difficulties while on the street as well so please use them on every call during this outage.

We appreciate your cooperation. This project is related to an equipment upgrade to better ensure the link of communications from one site to another and back to the 911 center. It is also in conjunction with adding three (3) new sites in the County and enhancing two others for more capacity.

Any questions or concerns please direct them to our office.