Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Battery Care and Maintenance Session

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Thursday, December 2, 2010 from 1800 to 2000 hrs. Harris will be hosting the promised battery care and maintenance session. This program will include a free dinner for those who attend.

More details will follow with location and any other specifics. We would like 2 members from each agency to attend.

Friday, October 15, 2010


The Leather Case Manufacturer found a defective process for rollover inspection on a specific batch of leather case rivets that were manufactured between 9/2008 and 6/2009. The items in question can be identified by a stamp on the back of the leather cases with a date range of 0908 - 0609. Cases within this date range may show signs of loose rivets and need replacement. It is important to note that the rivet issue does not affect all leather cases within this date range. However, upon visual inspection and with minimal use, the end user should be able to inspect the case rivets to see if they appear loose. Once you have identified cases needing replacement, you should contact Lori Miller from Harris Corporation (contact info below) to obtain an RMA (Return Material Authorization). Leather cases found to have loose rivets will be replaced by Harris Corporation at no charge and should be returned to:

Harris Corporation
Customer Resource Center
221 Jefferson Ridge Pkwy
Lynchburg, VA 24501

A note should be placed in the package referencing TR# PROD00030874 and include the RMA#, agency name, mailing address and contact person with phone number. Harris will continue to replace cases within this date range that are exhibiting this rivet issue until February 1, 2011. The rivets in question loosen with minimal use and can be easily identified by visual inspection, therefore it is anticipated that all cases needing replaced will be returned well in advance of the February 2011 end date. It is imperative that end users take the time to inspect their cases immediately to ensure that they return them in a timely manner for replacement.

Lori J. Miller
Technical Order Specialist
Harris Corporation
RF Communications Division
1000 Kreider Drive, Suite 600
Middletown, PA 17057
Ph 717-930-1028
Fax 717-930-1020

Friday, October 8, 2010

SEPT 10 PTT Report

Due to a hard drive crash this report only has data for half of the month.

Statistics on Push-to-talk (PTT):
The number of times a radio was used to make a voice transmission. The following stats are discipline specific county wide.

Law Enforcement – 64,629
Fire – 26,658
EMS – 28,748
Agencies –48,868
DPS – 5,122
County Agencies – 41,489
Municipal – 6,310
Total County Wide – 221,824 PTT's for the Month of Sept.

Monthly PTT’s from the main dispatch (9-1-1 Center) talk groups:
Fire – 14,364
EMS – 24,288
Police West – 12,197
Police East – 39,197
Police Data – 10,286

Site Utilization (Percentage of site use)...
Forward = Calls to the sites from the radios
Reverse = Calls from the sites to the radios
Lambs Gap- 9.94% Forward 3.68%
ReverseReesers Summit- 10.92% Forward 6.72% Reverse
EOC- 9.07% Forward 2.28% Reverse
Courthouse- 10.28% Forward 1.24% Reverse
Commonwealth Technology Center- 8.92% Forward ..43% Reverse
3 Square Hollow- 7.32% Forward .44% Reverse
Ship Cell- 8.41% Forward ..46% Reverse
South Mountain- 7.79% Forward .46% Reverse
Waggoners Gap- 8.4% Forward .38% Reverse
Rose Garden- 7% Forward .25% Reverse
Boiling Springs- 7.03% Forward .13% Reverse
Shippensburg- 5.25% Forward .27% Reverse
Dickinson Twp- 6.94% Forward .19% Reverse
Holy Spirit- 7.13% Forward .13% Reverse
Kings Gap- 5.12% Forward .08% Reverse
Pine Grove- 3.61% Forward .02% Reverse

*There were no queued calls this month.

As of this report we have 2,397 radios on the system in Cumberland County.
Control Stations: 23
Mobiles: 656
Portables: 1718