Monday, June 20, 2011

P7200 Performance Issue Update

P7200 Series Portables; M7200 and M7300 Series Mobile Radios – Performance Issues Update

Following reports from various field services of performance issues with P7200 series portable radios (also applicable to M7200 and M7300 series mobile radios) occurring after “Touch Two” agency visits, Harris conducted extensive field investigations and identified incorrect configuration settings used as part of the R17 subscriber software update. Configuration settings are extremely complex that control all aspects of radio performance, features, and functionality. Harris after adjusting the two settings in radios used for testing, were able to correct the “thrashing” problem reported that resulted with out of range tones, garbled and dropped transmissions. Harris is adjusting these settings using over-the-air programming that is part of registration with the system when the radio is first turned on. Additional radios were updated over the weekend and testing with those supported the Harris findings.

The Update Process:

Harris will and has began the process of imbedding the configuration change in the registration process that occurs when a radio is first turned on. The update will download during the data registration part of the affiliation with the voice switch. The update should not cause any added time for the radio to register with the system. Harris will track the radios registering with the system receiving the update. After a couple of days following the availability of the update on the radio system, the re-banding team will make agency contact informing the agency having radios not updated to ask they perform the update process. It is very important to note this does not affect M803 series mobile radios and VTAC’s. A couple of agencies that did not receive the software update during “Touch Two” agency visit once the performance issues were reported, will be re-contacted for a field visit to receive the complete software update.

Starting this past Monday, Police radios were added to the update process and EMS will follow. Fire radios will be updated after EMS, and then all remaining radios in the County will be updated.

Recommended Procedure for the Update Download:

1. Make sure the radio is in good coverage. For portables if poor or marginal radio coverage is suspected, take the portable radio outdoors.

2. Turn the radio on and allow the radio to register to the system. When the radio is fully registered, a “martini glass” symbol will appear in the lower left portion of the display (for M7200 and M7300 series mobiles – this symbol is in the upper left hand corner of the display).

3. The update only takes a few seconds to complete but to be sure please allow a few minutes to pass before powering the radio back off.

Following the Update:

If you continue to experience performance issues not previously noticed prior to the “Touch Two” agency visit, please report those to Brian Hamilton at If reporting, please be very specific to the performance issue being experienced; the specific location it occurred; the date and approximate time of occurrence; talk group selected; and the readings noted in the display if you have the opportunity to view it. Harris field teams may be in contact for further information.

Future Updates:

At least one additional over-the-air configuration update is anticipated for the P7200; M7200; and M7300 series radios that are not related to the performance issue concern. At least one configuration item needs changed, and possibly one other. These are not being done at this time since the changes related to the performance changes are a critically needed update.

Additional Information:

System information and updates can be found at Please check this site regularly or when directed to with notice from our office.

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