Friday, May 7, 2010

Scan Short Cut Issue- 3-#

Some users may be experiencing issues with the Scan On/Off shortcut function on their key padded version of the P7200 series portables. On the P7270 series radio with scan off at power up as a default the 3# feature isn't working but can be changed through the menu. If the radio has FIXED scan at power up as a default there is not an issue. This issue was recently discovered and the Harris Corporation was made aware and has created a solution in the next round of software upgrades. Again the scan function can still be changed by going through the menus. All other shortcuts (1-# and 6-#) still function properly and are not affected by this software issue. If you are experiencing this issue, there is no need to contact DPS or Harris, as again, they are aware of the issue and will be fixing it at a later date.

The P7250 is not affected by this.

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