Friday, January 15, 2010

Portable Charger Installation

When Harris installs chargers into apparatus for the P7200 series, there will be a notable difference from the last time chargers were installed into your apparatus. When the P800 chargers were installed some were connected to the vehicle starter and some agencies preferred they be connected to the vehicle battery. All P7200 series portables will be connected to the vehicle battery upon installation. What’s the reason for this you may ask? Well it has to do with portable battery preservation. The lifespan of a battery only allows for a set amount of charges. We found that when connected to the side of the ignition that would cut all unnecessary circuits when the apparatus is started, the power interruption would start the charging cycle whether it was needed or not, with the end result being a shortened battery life. To prevent this problem it has been determined that all charges will be connected to the battery that is not part of the apparatus starting circuit if possible. The fewer times a charge cycle is restarted the longer the battery will last. While most apparatus in the County is shore lined, we realize that some are not. We understand the risk of dead vehicle batteries that may be associated with this install and non-shore lined vehicles, it is imperative that the install be connected to the vehicle battery. The solution to this problem, do not keep portables in the chargers in non-shore lined apparatus. Only place portable in the charger periodically to charge.

If your agency is adamantly opposed to having chargers that connect to vehicle batteries, a waiver will need to be signed stating that you understand the warranty on your batteries is no longer valid, as you have chosen not to follow the recommendations of Harris and DPS.

If you have questions regarding this installation policy please feel free to comment on this post and give us your feedback.

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