Thursday, November 5, 2009

October PTT Report

Over the last year and a half DPS has been compiling monthly reports for the 800MHz system. The report shows statistics on Push to Talk (PTT) throughout the County as well as tower site statistics. In October there were 344,802 PTT’s, brining the 2009 total up to 3,507,923 PTT’s.

The following stats are discipline specific county wide.
Law Enforcement- 114,184 PTT’s
Fire- 37,622 PTT’s
EMS- 48,760 PTT’s
Agencies- 77,660 PTT’s
DPS- 621 PTT’s
County Departments- 59,653 PTT’s
Municipalities- 6,302 PTT’s

Monthly PTT’s from the main dispatch (9-1-1 Center) talk groups:
22,172 PTT’s
EMS- 41,213 PTT’s
Police West- 21,075 PTT’s
Police East- 68,627
Police Data- 21,192

The average daily PTT’s was 11,123.

Top PTTers
County – Dept. of Transportation with 36,720 PTT’s.
Public Safety – W.E.M.A. with 196 PTT’s.
Law Enforcement – Silver Spring Police with 12,753 PTT’s.
Fire – Naval Support Activity Co.37 with 2,048 PTT’s
EMS – East Pennsboro Twp EMS Co.75 with 425 PTT’s.
Municipal – Lower Allen Public Works with 1,638 PTT’s.

Voice calls generated per site
Lambs Gap- 275,331 calls
Reesers Summit- 251,487 calls
EOC- 248,767 calls
Courthouse- 168,659 calls
Commonwealth Technology Center- 140,883 calls
3 Square Hollow- 128,304 calls
Ship Cell- 125,337 calls
South Mountain- 125,007 calls
Waggoners Gap- 99,852 calls
Rose Garden- 90,239 calls
Boiling Springs- 85,759 calls
Shippensburg- 84,055 calls
Dickinson Twp- 68,769 calls
Holy Spirit- 42,868 calls
Kings Gap- 34,667 calls
Pine Grove- 7,452 calls
*There were no queued calls this month.

As of this report we have 2,300 radios on the system in Cumberland County. Total number of talk groups to date = 378 on the system within the County.

Control Stations: 20
Mobiles: 661
Portables: 1,619
These numbers include a few of the State radios that we’ve allowed to use our system.


  1. It is interesting that there were no queued calls this month, but has the denied tones decreased by the user's in the field?

  2. Deny tones cannot be tracked. A queued tone means the tower site providing you signal has no talk paths available, and then it does return a grant tone to notify the user of an available path.

    When you get a deny tone, you have no coverage either by the network or from a VTAC or someone else is already transmitting on that talk group. Your transmission attempt never reaches the system and therefore is not recognized or tracked by the system. The deny and queue features are just two of the benefits to this system, with the old radio system, you had no way of knowing if your radio transmission was being received.

    These different tones created by the radios can be found at

  3. Ship Cell- 125,337 calls, if this cell site has had this many ptt's for the month of Oct. When is the county going to try to put up a tower site?

    Jim Byers

  4. The Ship Cell is located on a tower on South Fayette Street in Shippensburg. That being said, there will be no new tower construction. There are plans to enhance that site and add equipment that will double it's capacity. This enhancement is not something that is needed immediatly, but rather forcasting for future growth. The County remains committed to the mission of upgrades and enhancements to continually better the system’s infrastructure.

    In the month of October Ship Cell only saw 9% of site use for forward calls (Calls to the sites from the radios.) and less than 1% use for reverse calls (site to radio). So though the number of PTT’s may seem high, they are not an accurate source for determining site capacity.

    Site Utilization (Percentage of Site Use) October 2009

    Lambs Gap- 9.61% Forward 3.29% Reverse

    Reesers Summit- 10.95% Forward 4.19% Reverse

    EOC- 8.56% Forward 1.98% Reverse

    Courthouse- 10.08% Forward .76% Reverse

    Commonwealth Technology Center- 8.79% Forward .45% Reverse

    3 Square Hollow- 7.32% Forward .45% Reverse

    Ship Cell- 8.63% Forward .47% Reverse

    South Mountain- 6.68% Forward .26% Reverse

    Waggoners Gap- 7.54% Forward .32% Reverse

    Rose Garden- 6.82% Forward .31% Reverse

    Boiling Springs- 7.02% Forward .16% Reverse

    Shippensburg- 6.01% Forward .34% Reverse

    Dickinson Twp- 5.84% Forward .51% Reverse

    Holy Spirit- 5.91% Forward .21% Reverse

    Kings Gap- 4.53% Forward .51% Reverse

    Pine Grove- 3.56% Forward 0% Reverse