Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DPS One Step Closer to Release of P7200 Series

There were two contractual items delaying the long awaited distribution of the replacement portable radios – one was a cumbersome change order to the original agreement with Sprint/Nextel for the replacements. Cumbersome only because of the terms of the FCC Transition Administrator and Sprint/Nextel is responsible for funding the transition; and a second separate vendor agreement between the County and Harris (formerly M/A Com) to complete portions of the work required for re-banding. Just recently we received word that the change order was finally approved by the FCC. This was a painfully long negotiated process. The vendor agreement includes the Sprint/Nextel original agreement and various amendments that required multiple approvals. The County could not sign the vendor agreement until the amendment processes received approval. We hope to have the singed amendment very shortly from Sprint/Nextel and thereafter we can proceed securing a signed vendor agreement. We know this has been a long process for you the user and are working diligently to complete these final steps and begin the portable exchange process. Keep checking back for the latest updates.

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