Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We Have Activation...

As of 1100 hrs February 1, 2012 The Department of Public Safety has successfully completed the activation of the Emergency Button feature for all Fire Service’s 800 MHz Radios.

Thank you for all the patience and cooperation in the process of making this a reality. Let’s hope no one has to use this feature but you now have an extra tool in your tool box to help in the event a firefighter is in a Mayday situation.

Be safe and if you have any questions please direct them to our office.

Here is the link for the Fire / EMS Communications Manual:

Reminder on procedure for clearing an emergency:
1. Last radio that declared the emergency
2. Press and hold interlock button (side lower button with nub on it), at the same time press and hold the emergency button until you hear a tone emit and all indications disappear

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