Thursday, January 5, 2012

FD Emergency Button Refresher

P7200 Radio Procedures

1. Turn radio on by turning power on off button clockwise.

2. Ensure voice group selection knob is on number 1

3. To change Profile to Training

a. Press up arrow on face until Profile Menu appears on screen
b. Press Option Button 2 until XX_Train (will be preceded with dept #) appears on screen
c. Press M button on face to select XX_Train profile
d. You will see the following Talk Groups….

i. Primary Dispatch TG
ii. Agency TG
iii. Municipal TG
iv. Test 1
v. Test 2
vi. Test 3
vii. Test 4
viii. Testemg in position 16 used as your default emergency

e. Test 1-4 are emergency capable. If on anything else it will default you to position 16.

4. To Reset an Emergency…

a. From portable that last declared, press the Option 2 button and HOLD
b. While holding the Option 2 button press the emergency button and hold until you hear tone come back….making sure the volume is up out of mute.

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