Thursday, October 6, 2011

We're Movin' On Up

We're movin' on up....literally! With the move of our 9-1-1 center this morning, our department is above ground for the first time in our history and happily settling into our new home at 1 Public Safety Drive, Carlisle. At 3:30am this morning, additional staff manned what would become the old communications center and the new communications center to prepare for the switch. At 4:03am phones lines were switched, so that dispatchers in the new center would be answering calls. At 4:08, the 800 MHz radio system was switched over to the new center. Moments later staff answered the first 9-1-1 phone call in their new home and we were officially moved! At no time during the switch to our new center were 9-1-1 services interrupted.

This move has taken more than a year of intense planning and many extra hours for our staff in recent weeks. Our staff has been working persistently these past few weeks preparing for today's move by testing phone lines, radios and paging capabilities as well as training on the new technology and equipment being utilized in the new communications center.

A big thank you to our AMAZING staff for their hard work and diligence during this move. Thank you to Mission Critical Partners, Century Link, The Harris Corporation, Cassidian, B. Moyer Communications, Verizon, Kova, Alcatel, Versar, Sage Technology Solutions, Cumberland County IMTO staff and many others for helping to make this possible!

*For our emergency services history buffs, Upper Allen Fire Department (23) was the last company to be dispatched from the old communications center and the Carlisle Barracks Fire Department (38) was the first company to be dispatched from the new center.

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