Tuesday, July 26, 2011


There are still a few portables left in the county that have not been updated...please follow the procedure below to ensure your portables are updated.

REMINDER - All of your radios are loaded into the automatic update program. We will let this program run for as long as it takes but we’d like for you to try and take the opportunity to get your portables turned on for about 5 minutes. Once we have the majority of the radios updated we will reconcile the master list and make individual contacts to catch the remaining radios. The update is transparent to the users but the radio must be in good radio coverage. After that time frame you can turn the radio off, no need to contact anyone. If a radio is missed we will be following up as mentioned.

Just for clarity this procedure is in addition to the touch the County and Harris just completed with you. This is a needed process to correct an issue that surfaced immediately but was caught just as quick for remediation.

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