Thursday, April 8, 2010

A message from Harris...

Effective Monday, April 12, 2010, the Harris Office, RF communications Division in Harrisburg,
Pennsylvania will be relocated and open for business at our new address:
Harris Corporation
RF Communications Division
1000 Kreider Drive
Suite 600
Middletown, PA 17057
All Harrisburg Operations including the Equipment Repair Facility, Warehousing, Field Services and
Customer Service will be operating at this new location.
The new main telephone number: 1-717-930-1010
The new Fax telephone number: 1-717-930-1020
For customers requiring Harris Maintenance or Field Services, our Trouble Ticket numbers are:
1-800-806-0949 or 1-717-930-1010
After hour emergency calls will continue to be forwarded to our answering service.
For all Customer Service support or equipment quotes, you may contact Lori Miller directly at
1-717-930-1028 or by using the main telephone number.

For all calls regarding Sales, you may contact Roger Kohr directly at
1-717-930-1036 or by using the
main telephone number.

All Harrisburg Office employees’ direct dial telephone numbers have been changed.
By calling the
employee’s old telephone number, you will be provided a message
with their new direct dial telephone
number or they may be contacted at the main telephone number
All Harrisburg Harris employees’ email addresses will remain the same.

The Pennsylvania Harris Team
looks forward to serving you
from our new location.

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