Monday, March 8, 2010

What do you think?

Several agencies have received their new portables and we want to hear how things are going! Comment on this post and let us know about your experiences with the new portables! Also feel free to comment on the exchange process, so other agencies know what to expect!



  1. The portable exchange and mobile software upgrade were conducted at West Shore EMS (West Shore Division) on Wednesday, March 3. The entire process went very smoothly, especially considering 17 portable radios and their accessories were exchanged and 16 mobile units received the software upgrade. The Carlisle and Chambersburg Operations Division exchange will occur this afternoon.

    The experiences with the new portables have been very positive. There is a distinct difference in sound quality and a tremendous improvement in battery life.

    Thanks to all involved parties for making this tremendous undertaking as painless as possible!

  2. West Shore EMS completed the second and final phase of portable radio exchange and mobile software updates this afternoon. The "West Shore Division" was completed on Wednesday, March 3 and the "Carlisle & Chambersburg Divisions" were completed today. Both the portable exchange and mobile updates went very smoothly. Preparation is the key and was no small task for an organization of our size and geographic footprint, but as quickly as we could move the units through, the tasks were completed and they were on their way. Kudos to all involved parties from Cumberland County DPS, Kimball, Moyer Radio, Harris Radio and our fine staff for their efforts! It was a pleasure to work with all of you this past week!

    As for the new portable radios, plenty of good feedback so far. Better sound quality, tremendously better battery life and more carrying options (belt clip, holster with D ring belt attachment or radio strap).

  3. The Portable exchange and mobile upgrade was done at New Cumberland Fire Department and EMS on March 11. 24 portables were swapped out, 4 mobile radio upgrades and a base station were upgraded. Kudos to everyone involved, it was a very smooth and efficient operation.