Wednesday, December 2, 2009


As we are inching closer to the portable exchange process we thought the blog would be a great way to start to familiarize users with the new P7200 portables. While extensive training will still take place, we hope you find this introduction helpful!

Below is the P2750, which the average user will be utilizing, is the model without a the keypad function. The front face of this portable is very different from the P800 series. You will notice the display screen has been moved the the front face. The arrow keys allow the user to scroll through menu options on your portable. The "M" button acts as your "enter" button to activate selections. The SCN button toggles the Scan mode off and on.

The top of the P7250 will look some what similar to the P800 series. You will notice that the emergency button has been relocated to the top of the portable. The toggle switch for the V-TAC has been removed from the top of the radio as well as the A/B buttons that were used to scroll through menus. The display screen has also been removed from the top of the portable to the front. The LED radio status light can still be seen on the top of the radio, but is position on the front. The light is larger and more visible.

The side of the P7250 is extremely similar to the P800 series, the only major difference being the removal of the emergency button. The only other small difference is the scroll buttons are now located at the top of the PTT.

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  1. Will the Fire side have use of the emergency button for our safety once the radios are distributed?